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Because I may well be a Douche Bag myself, I can't be the one to define the word.Therefore, I put together a panel of females to give me Douche Bag characteristics and stories. I could go on and on with these sappy, idealized, unrealistic portrayals of love we’ve been fed all our lives. When a relationship ends, the first question many women have when a man they love leaves is: why? Let’s dive in a little deeper and look at the real reasons why men leave women they love. Every couple who gets divorced once loved each other very much, they just couldn’t make it work.Maybe I should start acting like the guys in the MTV show "Is She Really Going Out With Him".I've tried to adjust my "game" before, but I end up back in square one of lameness.What's your definition of a douche bag, besides Rich Santos (woops third person)? And when a man doesn’t feel appreciated by his partner, it doesn’t matter how amazing she is or even how much he loves her, he will not want to be in a relationship with her. I’ve interviewed countless men over the years as part of my research for books and articles and the most common reason cited for why a man will leave, or even divorce, a woman he loves is that he no longer felt appreciated by her. He felt like he couldn’t be himself, like he would be shamed or guilted for it.

I'm working on a documentary style video of douche bag research for an upcoming post.

OK, it’s not quite that dramatic but in all seriousness, appreciation is the fuel that keeps a man going in a relationship. Maybe he isn’t doing something exactly the way you want, but most of the time his intentions are still good.

It’s hard to reconcile how a love can just evaporate…how a man who once seemed so committed and invested is now gone. If you’ve read any of our content on male behavior, then you know that men absolutely crave appreciation, and without it, their soul withers and dies. And yes, also appreciating him for the things he does and for his actions.

He then blamed me, saying I didn't give him enough "action"- (From an Asian Friend of mine) "He introduced me to his out-of-town friend, who I was just meeting, as his "Asian cleaning lady"- "He played our sex video at his fraternity housein front of 20 brothers"- "He was supposed to be home but walked into the bar I was in...accompanied by another girl"My favorite response from my panel is an excerpt from an email in which the douche bag in question explains, in detail, his need for more "ME" time:"I love you more than anything, but I feel like I'm already giving you as much time as a girlfriend should need.

In fact, I was curious myself, so here's a rough breakdown: Total Waking hours in a week= 112Time w/Ashley =~35 (~5 hours phone, 6 hours 1 mid-week visit, on average 1 full day of weekend and two evenings = ~24 hours) Sports=~25 Work=~15Classes/HW=~20Roommates/Other social=~10Eating=~7At least Ashley gets the most hours per week (exactly 5 times the hours he spends eating), though sports could easily overtake her, considering it's only 10 hours behind.

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If he's a "poser" and doesn't believe in his style, then he's a douche bag.- "Listens to "emo" rock (a.k.a.

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